Sunday, October 11, 2009

Annual Corn Show

Imagine the aroma of Waconda Springs Cranberry Fig. It's a sure sign that Fall has arrived. Locally, every year since 1942 the residents of Jewell know it's Fall using a different marker. The annual Corn Show means brisk weather is here or will be any second.

This year we watched the parade shivering in freezing temps and a steady north wind.

It was different. Not only because it was the first Corn Show for me in a couple decades, but it was the first Corn Show without having a local school. This year there weren't any floats from each of the high school classes. Nor were there black and orange (Jewell High colors) banners flying in the breeze. Instead the black and orange was replaced with green and gold banners welcoming everyone to the Corn Show.

Rock Hills, one of the schools that absorbed part of our students, sent a band. Even on a cold day in Kansas, you can't have a parade without at least one band. Thank you Rock Hills for sending a band. Maybe next year the other two schools that received some of our students will send bands, too. We can always hope.

The biggest horse and two miniature ponies. Where were the horses? There used to be lots of horses. I remember it vividly. We used to march around horse droppings when I was in the marching band. That was back in the day when we had to walk to school and it was uphill both ways. :-)

Again, because of the school closing this past year, the exhibits looked a little skimpy without all the classroom exhibits. The exhibits there were very nice and there's a tremendous amount of talent in this little community. The exhibits ranged from crops, garden produce, canning, crafts, etc.

We didn't go to the talent show. After the parade, exhibits, and bbq, we spent the rest of the day picking green tomatoes. When it was time for the talent show this humble writer was too tired to get ready.

The Corn Show is an annual event held in Jewell, Kansas. It's our signal that Fall is here.

Do you have any events like this in your area? If so, please share them with us.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A thousand words

This soap is scented with Frankincense, Myrrh and Gold. The blend is a rich fragrance containing exotic spices and soft almost powdery bottom notes. Once you get a hint of this amazing aroma you'll be thrilled to use this in your shower.

Soap. Soap cleans. Soap can also be a visual and aromatic experience, taking us to someplace new and fresh.

Waconda Springs Wise Men will whisk you away to a land filled with herbs and spices. Find out for yourself why these were considered sacred gifts.

You can purchase a bar at Waconda Springs or Waconda Springs Etsy.